The Empty what a suprise story

Hy im a dog and I just recieved a suprise at my front door. So I brought it in and I thought mabe save it to open it tomorrow because what a coincidence tomorrow is my birthday as well.The problem was that if I had the suprise some of my house members would find it and open it but I could just hide it safe in my little doggy room I have so I just did that. Anyways it was almost bedtime so I went to bed real quick speeding my legs to run as fast as they can to fet ready toopen my special gift I got today and other gifts as well. It was morning time and I was more than excited so I ran down stairs grabbed the gift and opened it. So I opened it up but it was strange because nothing was in there it was empty I wa really sad after seeing that but then after seeing that empty gift this sentence popped in my head. " EMPTY WHAT A SUPRISE".


  1. Hello Puppy! I wonder what happened to your special gift? Not a nice surprise for your birthday, but perhaps it was a yummy bone and another animal ate it?

    Great spelling too! Just watch a few of your words - received, surprise, Hi/Hey, I'm


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